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MYTHMAKER is a journaling game for one player. You tell your story as the titular Mythmaker, the legendary antagonist in myths and legends — and forge their story over time in relation to Challengers, the protagonists of these legends. They will either rise to fame or fall into obscurity through meeting you.

You are bound to your Purpose. You cannot die. You are always part of a Challenger's story.

This game requires no dice or cards. It needs time, pen and paper or another device to write with, and quiet.

This game is based, with much appreciation, on Mousehole Press's Lost and Found SRD.

CategoryPhysical game
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Authorkay w.
Tagsarthurian-myth, mythology, physical-game, solo, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


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Hi! Is this something that would be kid friendly? If so can I request a community copy for my classroom project for this coming school year? Thanks!


I have the game and am interested in playing it. Is there a doubled-sided printable version (portrait 8.5x11)? While 17x11 landscape is great for screens, it does not print nicely for play at a table.


Mythmaker is a solo journaling that lets you play as the antagonist of a myth or a fantasy story. Instead of playing as the heroes, you can play as the minotaur or gold hoarding dragon. Do your challengers become legends, or die nameless?